100% Vegan Fashion Verified by AMSlab and PETA

Vegan fashionVegan fashion is revolutionizing the way you are shopping and dressing. As more and more people join this new trend, (which more than a trend is a way of life), the industry is transforming to satisfy the demand of these consumers.

The products that make up the vegan fashion are all those that do not contain leather, skin, wool, exotic skins or any other tissue derived from animals.

AMSlab in collaboration with the organization PETA, has developed a control methodology to verify the absence of products of animal origin in clothing, footwear and accessories under the vegan standard. It is the “Vegan Product” seal, which allows consumers to quickly identify this type of item.


Betting on the concept of animal welfare, AMSlab offers the AMSvegan test kit, which allows fashion brands to identify on the label that a product is vegan, increasing its value and recognition by ensuring that it uses materials that are respectful with animals. At the same time, they will be protecting the end user, helping him to find vegan products effectively so they can make purchases that fit their values.

Today, AMSlab has positioned itself as one of the market leaders in the quality control sector with a high degree of specialization in matrices or high complexity components, for which they develop innovative methods that increase the specificity and quantification capacity of any compound, such as, for example, the 3 technologies with which they ensure the absence of any animal product:

1. Fiber test: verifying the absence of animal fiber through a specifically developed chemical analysis.

2. Test of materials: Through spectroscopy identify the absence of polymeric materials and synthetic leather, components of animal origin.

3. Chemical test: examining the absence of glues and adhesives of animal origin through chemical analysis tests.

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