AMSlab Academy


With the aim of promoting the professional development of companies in the textile sector, from AMSlab we give a series of courses that will touch on all topics of interest to the industry. Ensuring the quality and conformity of products and textile materials against customer requirements and/or current regulations will help reduce claims, penalties, product recalls, customs blockages or even delays in customer service. In webinar format, the courses will be taught by highly qualified professionals in the field and will last approximately one hour, except for those matters that require more dedication. This is a great opportunity to reinforce internal control with product testing that quality, product health and purchasing departments should be aware of to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

As an advance, some of the topics that will be addressed in the courses are the following:

  • Textile fibers
  • Health and safety: chemical risks
  • Sustainability: Verification tests
  • Quality control in fabrics
  • Innovation in textiles: new analyzes against fraud
  • Regulatory scope of the textile sector: mandatory regulations
  • Labeling regulations
  • Child safety in the textile sector
  • Innovation in textile technology: New fabrics and trends