At AMSlab we advance in the development and fine-tuning of new methods that focus on quality control for the cosmetic and toy industry. We have recently expanded the scope approved by ENAC, the National Accreditation Entity, within the toys sector, so we continue our growth through the diversification of services. Specifically, we have expanded our scope (Accreditation Nº: 1128 / LE2140) obtaining accreditation for various product safety tests in accordance with European and American legislation: sharp points, small parts, sharp edges, tipping, dropping or spilling tests. torsion and traction, among others. These tests are in addition to those we already had, related to microbiology in toys containing aqueous medium: detection of Escherichia coli, detection and counting of mesophilic aerobic bacteria, counting of molds and yeasts, among others.

For this reason, from now on, the company’s website includes a new section dedicated to this sector: AMStoys.

On the other hand, we also expanded our catalog of services for the cosmetic sector with tests such as the detection of sunscreens in cosmetics, detection and quantification of heavy metals, allergens and musk, preservatives, phthalates and formaldehyde in cosmetics. In addition, we have ENAC accreditation to perform microbiology tests (Accreditation 1128 / LE2473). Thanks to its extensive experience and recognition, the laboratory is receiving a great reception in these sectors, whose level of regulatory and quality requirements is very high. In addition, the fact of being accredited implies the provision of adequate technical competence of the company through a qualified human team, the appropriate equipment, and the development of its work applying the appropriate work methods, managing the activity under quality criteria.

Carrying out the control activities under accreditation will help reduce the risk levels of producing or supplying a defective product by allowing manufacturers to make decisions based on technically reliable information. It also reduces the risk of seeing a certain product rejected by a buyer who does not accept unaccredited evaluations. For AMSlab, the commitment to quality and environmental sustainability is maximum. We work under a system of continuous improvement that leads us to excellence in services and processes and with a high degree of awareness and responsibility with the environment. AMSlab is certified to the standards:

We comply with the highest quality parameters in both areas, AMSlab is accredited as a testing laboratory providing a service under the ISO 17025 standard (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). The methodology used in the analyzes corresponds to the official methods published in the B.O.E. or, failing that, to those published by national or international bodies of recognized prestige and commonly accepted (ISO, FIL, AOAC, CEE, etc.), or to validated standard work procedures based on internal developments, unless the client indicates a specific method. The tests will be carried out with the controls and guarantees established in our management system based on the ISO-17025 standard.

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