Verificación de moda vegana

At AMSlab, we have developed a new analysis methodology to detect dye from the insect Dactylopius coccus Costa (better known as “carmine mealybug”) in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Carmine colour is a red dye obtained from dried female insects and used in the textile and cosmetic industries. However, due to its animal origin, it is not compatible with vegan philosophy.

This analysis is carried out through the extraction and processing of the dye for its detection using the mass spectrometry technique. It allows determining the presence or not of the dye, which if it exceeds the established limit would mean that it has been used and that it is not a contamination.

With this new test, the laboratory in Lugo expands its analysis kit designed for the verification of vegan products.

The biotechnology company already markets a set of tests in collaboration with the PETA organization, in order to verify the absence of animal products in clothing, footwear, and accessories under the vegan standard. The AMSvegan Test Kit enables fashion brands to identify on the label that a product is vegan, increasing its value and recognition by ensuring that it uses materials that are animal friendly. At the same time, they will be protecting the end-user, helping them find vegan products effectively so they can make purchases that fit their values. This is the verification of the seal “Vegan Product”, which as confirmed by the laboratory, is in great demand as it is the only one that offers this service worldwide.

“The main advantage is that the brands that carry out this type of verification ensure that the products they sell under the vegan seal really are,” explains Manuel Lolo, CEO of AMSlab.

This analysis kit aims to avoid fraud in vegan fashion and also to address possible manufacturing contaminations. The risk of the presence of any component of animal origin is increased, for example, by the use of regenerated or recycled materials in which control over the supply chain is somewhat lost.

AMSlab is currently conducting these tests on textiles and footwear, and is now preparing to offer it to the vegan cosmetics sector as well.

The products that make up vegan fashion are all those that do not contain leather, fur, wool, exotic fur, or any other fabric or component derived from animals. Vegan fashion is revolutionizing the way of buying and dressing and as more and more people join this way of life, the industry is transforming to satisfy the demand of these consumers.

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