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AMSDurabilityDurability for a textile product

What is AMS Durability?

AMSdurability is the new service included in our battery of tests related to the verification of sustainable fashion.

It is an analysis package that covers a large number of controls on the product to determine the durability of a garment and transfer it to the end customer, guaranteeing a minimum durability of a textile product.
The service is based on a minimum customizable test pack and a control of the fabric’s durability is established.
Once the corresponding analyzes have been carried out, the laboratory issues the client a differentiating seal that determines that a garment has passed a control that verifies that it has minimum durability conditions.

Slow Fashion

Oriented towards internal control and the improvement of the textile product, they allow working with more sustainable productions (the greater the durability, the greater the sustainability).
By extending the life of products, we ensure a more sustainable world and connect with the philosophy of life of consumers, who are increasingly aware of the environment and waste management.

Who is it for?

AMSdurability is aimed at manufacturers, distributors, national and international retailers, suppliers of raw materials or intermediate products such as yarn, fabric, prints, dyeing…
In this way, the client obtains a product that has been tested to guarantee its durability and reduce the brand’s greenwashing, and the user acquires a quality product that will last longer and therefore would be practicing slow fashion if he takes advantage of the useful life of the garment.


Our track record and accumulated experience in the textile sector allow us, through a large database, to determine the degree of durability of a garment.
After the initial assessment of the garment to determine the necessary tests, it should be noted that the analysis packages to be carried out fall into 4 large groups:

  • Resistance
  • Colour fastness
  • Washing behaviour
  • Environment

In addition, there are a number of additional packs to complete the durability guarantee:

  • Factory inspection and social audit.
  • Harmful substances/protection of people.
  • Harmful substances/environmental protection.

Once the corresponding tests have been carried out according to the type of garment, we issue a report with the durability index obtained. In the case of a low result that does not reach the minimum necessary to be considered a durable product, we will make the appropriate recommendations to improve the product.
If the result is favorable, we will issue a durability guarantee seal that will vary according to the index obtained and will be linked to the report number. The following categories are established for this purpose:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Sello AMSdurability      Sello AMS Durability        Sello AMS Durability

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