Environmental Performance

At AMSlab we are very aware of the importance of the environment, and that is why we carry out all of our activities attempted to disturb it as little as possible.

We have implemented systems to identify and evaluate all of the aspects that from environmental point of view can be affected by our activities, periodically monitoring what is our influence on them and evaluating how we can minimize the effect on it.

In relation of the significant environmental aspects, highlight in 2018 electricity consumption and the generation of hazardous waste (contaminated plastics, contaminated glass, contaminated solids, halogenated and non-halogenated organic solvents, inorganic acid wastes, oil and toner)

However, thanks to the actions adopted throughout 2018 we have achieved:

  • Decrease the consumption of paper in 5%, being the third consecutive year in which it decreases, with a cumulative reduction of 16% less paper.
  • Reduce the generation of laboratory waste by 6.5%.

The indicators of our Environmental Management System show an upward trend, thus, in 2019 our proposed targets are:

  • Lowering electricity consumption.
  • Reduce the generation of solid wastes.
  • Reduce the generation of halogenated solvents.
  • Reduce the generation of inorganic acid wastes.

AMSlab has acquired a firm commitment with the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment, a commitment that we will continue to develop in the future to achieve a more sustainable world.