Our history

15 years go a long way, much work, many customers and much quality. At AMSlab today we are still as excited as the first day, but we have been increasing our abilities, our team and our technologies to provide more and more comprehensive, global quality solutions every time for more and more sectors..

Today AMSlab has become one of the leaders in the quality control sector with a high level of specialization in matrices or highly complex components for which we develop innovative methods improving the quantification specificity and capacity for any component.

This is AMSlab’s history, but also the result of the efforts from all of our team and the confidence from our customers..

AMSlab is founded in 2008 as a flexible and fast testing laboratory, specialized in mass spectrometry as an analysis technique.
Initially, we started supporting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry by offering different solutions during the earliest stages in the development of new drugs.

In 2010 we began to develop an analytical solutions service aimed at the fashion sector, starting with the textile sector and later expanding to the accessories and footwear sector.
In 2014 AMSlab acquired Xenotechs Laboratorios, a laboratory specialized in DNA analysis, thus allowing it to expand its catalog of services and positioning itself in the agri-food sector.
In 2015, through Xenotechs Laboratories, a new service aimed at the veterinary sector was launched, under the trademark AMSvet including exclusive toxicological and genetic analyzes.

This same year, services for the fashion sector were expanded by incorporating new referred analysis methodologies
to the cosmetic sector. Nowadays AMSlab is the European reference laboratory in the fashion sector, being a supplier of
global service and accompanying its customers throughout the value chain.

Launch of the new AMSbiopharma business line, we want to take another step in helping to discover new drugs, guaranteeing their safety and quality.
Incorporation of CIFGA into the ASM Science business group: The synergies between the two biotech firms will allow for the expansion of the catalog of standards for the textile and cosmetic sector to the start-up of services aimed at the pharmaceutical industry.