Quality Standards

At AMSlab, a leading laboratory in quality control for the textile sector, we specialize in quality control for the verification of quality standards.
We have different laboratories to carry out different types of tests:

  • Physical testing laboratory: In this laboratory, we carry out physical analyses to check the quality of textile products.
    Characterisation of fabrics, fibre composition in fabrics, quality of fabrics and garments, analysis of resistance and fastness (to dyes, saliva, sweat…), analysis for the safety of children’s garments, flammability, sustainability and origin of fibres, etc.
  • Chemical testing laboratory: This laboratory carries out all the chemical tests necessary to determine the hazardous and/or harmful substances that may be present in a textile garment, cosmetic product, costume jewellery, accessories, etc. Given the demanding legislation that regulates the use of certain chemical substances, it is vitally important to carry out these controls. At AMSlab we detect, identify and quantify these substances and determine whether they comply with the regulations or not.
  • Microbiology laboratory: We assess the microbiological risk by carrying out, among others, analyses for the detection and enumeration of mesophilic aerobic bacteria, detection of Escherichia coli or salmonella spp, detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa or enumeration of moulds and yeasts.
    Especially in cosmetics and in toys in aqueous media.
  • BIO laboratory: In this area of the laboratory we mainly work on the AMSvet section, the AMSfood section and the identification of GMOs as in the organic cotton verification test.

AMSlab can help you determine and standardise the parameters and requirements for measuring the quality and safety of your products in a cost-effective and efficient way.

At AMSlab we may also help you to validate following an analytical method, the claims and pleadings for the labelling of your products in relation to their composition, quantity or origin, contributing to a correct market positioning and in front of your products’ consumers.

In addition to the textile sector, at AMSlab we also specialise in the verification of quality standards for other sectors such as cosmetics, jewellery and toys.
In order to be able to carry out all this, our laboratory has the necessary equipment equipped with the latest technology, as well as a team of highly qualified professionals.