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Vegan fashion is revolutionizing the way we shop and dress and the vegan philosophy has already become a reality. Increasingly, people from all over the world join this way of life in which respect for animals is the priority.

AMSlab in collaboration with the organization “PETA” , has developed a control methodology to verify the absence of products of animal origin in clothing, footwear and accessories under the standard known as vegan.

This test arose from a market need: To develop a technique capable of verifying whether a product labeled as vegan actually contains any compound of animal origin. At the end of 2021, The Vegan Society approved our exclusive test method to prove that a textile product is 100% vegan. By using it, you allow the use of the Vegan Trademark, which has been helping people identify that a product is free of animal ingredients since 1990.

This new testing method uses advanced biometrics to identify and rule out any use of animal proteins used in the manufacturing process. At AMSlab we use a detection method based on proteomics.
The reliability of our proteomics-based tests is much higher than traditional DNA tests. The reason is that we can identify cross-contamination and exclude these results to focus on the actual product that was manufactured and prove or disprove whether the items are actually The 100% vegan.

Therefore, and betting on the concept of animal welfare we offer the AMSvegan test kit.

PETA Vegan approved
Vegan test
4 technologies that ensure the absence of any animal product
Fiber test

The animal fiber absence is verify by microscopic analysis. When we detect the presence of some possible animal fiber we can confirm this by proteomic test.

Polymeric Material and Synthetic Leather Test

Product’s material is identified using infrared spectra and comparison with libraries.

Glues and Adhesives Test

The use of animal origin glue is verify by screening test. When we detect the presence of some possible animal origin glue we can confirm this by proteomic test.

colorant test
Colorant test

We verify the absence of animal origin dyes by mass spectrometry.

4 reasons for requesting an AMSLAB verification test
Labeling verification
Enhancing the value of products
Consumer protection
Guaranteeing brand reputation

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