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Webinar: Chemical risks in the textile industry

Save the date: Thursday, July 15 at 1:00 p.m.
Online mode through Zoom
Duration: Approximately one hour

Product health and safety is one of the basic pillars for the production of any consumer good. Whether in order to improve the product from the point of view of sustainability or to ensure compliance with current legislation, it is necessary to know the risks. When we talk about a chemical risk in the textile industry, we talk about all those processes that involve chemical substances, whether they are washing, dyeing, stamping, special effects or finishes. In order to assess the risks, it is essential to know the main chemicals involved in these processes and how we can guarantee their control. The purpose of this course is to know the main families of chemical products, whether regulated or prohibited, that are related to manufacturing in the fashion industry. We will approach the origin of the risk and the effects on health and the environment and we will also see the different regulations and analysis techniques that will allow us to know the status of production.

SPEAKER: Pablo Pérez, Director of the Chemical Laboratory of AMSlab.

ORGANIZE: AMSlab Academy

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