Algodón orgánico y GMOWebinar: Identification of organic cotton and GMOs

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Sustainable fashion, also called ethical fashion or slow fashion, is becoming increasingly present in the minds of consumers and manufacturers. Aware that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, there is growing concern about the materials and processes used in the manufacture of fashion articles. In this regard, new brands that focus their business model on a sustainable catalog are emerging, while those that already exist are diversifying their ranges with products that are more environmentally friendly, which is what society is demanding. Nowadays, it is not rare to read ‘100% organic cotton’ on product labels. However, until now there has been no methodology of analysis, or certification to verify that the final garments labeled as organic cotton are really so.

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A new webinar looking at how we can identify and prove the use of Organic cotton in the everyday items we purchase in today’s retail market. AMSlab, a Bureau Veritas partner, has developed a new test that verifies the presence or absence of genetically modified cotton in final garments labelled as organic cotton.

The control of organic cotton is currently done on a documentary basis, through certifying bodies that ensure cotton production meets their standards. The new AMSlab test is a very powerful and useful complementary tool for detecting fraud and possible contamination in the manufacturing of products labeled as organic.

We will therefore talk about the following points:

  • Organic concept.
  • Organic certifications.
  • GMO definition.
  • AMSlab service.
  • Genetic analysis and GMO detection.
  • Chemical analysis and detection of pesticides.
  • From seed to garment.

If your company purchases certified raw materials for manufacturing, or if you are a retailer who purchases final garments ready for labeling, this test is of interest to you.

You can find out more about our Organic Cotton Verification Test.

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