Webinar: Vegan Fashion Verification

Vegan Fashion

Webinar: Vegan Fashion Verification

Save the date: Week of July 27.

Vegan fashion is revolutionizing the way of shopping and dressing. As more and more people join this way of life, the industry is transforming to satisfy the demand of these consumers. The products that make up vegan fashion are all those that do not contain leather, fur, wool, exotic fur or any other component derived from animals. But, do we have the certainty that the products labeled under the vegan standard, are really vegan? Now you have a way to check it and make sure that your product meets the demands and values ​​of vegan fashion consumers.

Bureau Veritas CPS

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This Webinar helps you understand what tests are necessary and why they should be done to ensure that your products are 100% vegan.
We will talk about:

  • What is the Vegan Test and why is it important for you?
  • What products can we currently analyze and what are the most common?
  • Details about the different types of vegan tests we can do.
  • What precautions do we take to ensure that the vegan samples are not contaminated so that the results of our analyzes are accurate?
  • What are the advantages of verifying a vegan product?
  • Verification of sustainable fashion.

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