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Our added value

Quality assured, from raw material to the final product

We offer advanced analytical solutions for the textile, footwear, costume jewelery and accessories sectors, with extensive experience also in the analysis of cosmetics.

Years of accumulated experience and knowledge of the applicable legislation in each country of the world have made AMSlab the trusted partner for large companies and SMEs in the fashion sector and one of the market leaders in the sector of the control of quality.

Our services allow you to ensure the quality and conformity of your products and textile or cosmetic materials against the requirements of your customers and/or current regulations. In this way, it contributes to the reduction of claims, penalties, product recalls, customs blockages or even delays in the service to its customers.

And all this with a commitment to customer satisfaction: solutions with the maximum guarantee in the shortest possible time.


The large number of regulated substances in the cosmetic sector, safety and health protection make quality controls a priority for manufacturers, suppliers and consumers.

At AMSlab we work throughout the value chain, from raw material to final product, ensuring that cosmetic products comply with current regulations in the different countries where they are marketed.

The cosmetic sector carries a very high level of regulatory and quality demand, which is why at AMSlab we advance in the development and fine-tuning of new methods that guarantee the quality and safety of the cosmetic industry.


We currently carry out tests such as the determination of sunscreens in cosmetics, total content of heavy metals, allergens and musk, preservatives, phthalates, formaldehyde by HPLC determination of methanol …


The purpose of this test is to evaluate the preservation capacity of the finished products to be marketed and to estimate the degree of preservation in the process of developing a formula. The test consists of checking whether a given inoculum of micro-organisms introduced into the cosmetic formula is eliminated or does not increase in number at different times previously established.


Stability studies aim to assess the ability of a product to maintain physical sensory properties from the time the product is manufactured until it is used by the consumer under appropriate conditions.


We evaluate the microbiological risk by carrying out, among others, analysis for the detection and counting of mesophilic aerobic bacteria, detection of Escherichia coli or salmonella spp, detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa or counting of molds and yeasts.
We are accredited by ENAC, National Accreditation Entity, for microbiology tests (Accreditation 1128 / LE2473).


At AMSlab we carry out the following physico-chemical tests:
– Organoleptic tests: appearance, colour, odour.
– Physicochemical tests: pH, density, viscosity, alcohol content, water activity, filling volume.

 AMSLAB warrants the “vegan product” label?

AMSlab in collaboration with the organization “PETA”, has developed a control methodology to verify the absence of products of animal origin in clothing, footwear and accessories under the standard known as vegan.

 AMSLAB warrants the “organic cotton”?

AMSlab has developed an innovative analysis method capable of verifying the authenticity of organic cotton in final garments.

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