Sustainability verification

Sustainability is one of society’s greatest challenges today.
In particular, the fashion sector is aware of the great environmental impact it generates and that is why brands are increasingly looking for more sustainable manufacturing methods and materials. For this reason, it is also necessary to develop new technologies to control production processes and their sustainability.
At AMSlab we have developed tools for the laboratory authentication of fibres and fabrics adhering to sustainability declarations or certifications in the textile and footwear sector. We offer various methods that accredit compositions that include recycled components or raw materials or the use of environmentally responsible compounds.
We also focus on the evaluation and improvement of the safety of materials used in the production of sustainable fashion.
Thus, AMSlab has developed different methods for the verification of sustainable fashion:

  • Organic Cotton Verification Test: we check the variety of cotton and verify the presence or absence of genetically modified cotton in final garments labelled as organic cotton.
  • The Vegan Test: we verify the presence of animal-derived components in the textile, footwear and cosmetics sectors.
  • The AMSdurability test package: this is a package of tests that analyse the durability or useful life of a garment.

Verificación sostenibilidad