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AMSfood is AMSlab´s specialized line capable of verifying safety, quality and compliance with regulations for both human and animal food.

Food security and food quality are not just mandatory, but a brands’ commitment to consumers. Farmers, suppliers, food products manufacturers, supply chains, governments and consumers are aware of both security and quality in raw materials and food products which they produce and/or consume being one of the determining factors for buying food in today’s market.

AMSFood counts on a wide range of innovative solutions to certify security, compliance with regulations and quality of any kind of food product and throughout the whole production chain, from the farm to the final consumer.

And all of this with a commitment to clients’ satisfaction: maximum guaranteed solutions in the shortest deadline..


Our services within the agri-food combine methodology with the greatest scientific accuracy and the most innovative technology; and all of this, in order to offer maximum guaranteed results in the shortest deadline.

More than 250 set-up methods, but if you cannot find what you need for your product, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will develop it with the maximum analytical guarantee.

Detection of GMOs in organic products
Detection of genetic modification markers for the verification of transgenic-free organic products.
Species authentication
Detection and identification of species in foods on animal and vegetable origin for the verification of labeling and prevention of food fraud.
Detection of residues
Detection of medicinal substances in feed and food (antibiotics, antiparasitics, anti-inflammatories) for their control in the production of feed and food.
R&D services for product development
Implementation of ad hoc analytical methods for the development and control of new food products.

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