About us


Our mission is provide our customers with the most sensitive analytical methods in compliance with the regulations in force in order to provide solutions for their quality control needs in short implementation deadlines.


AMSlab provides solutions to problems related to the environment, food security, health, textile industry, etc., meeting our customers’ needs being close to them, flexible and improving our service.


We offer scientific support, backed on high technology and high staff qualification. In this sense, at AMSlab we count on the highest technology in the field of physical, chemical and biological analysis in order to assure the greatest reliability in our analytical solutions.

We are completely professional when assuring confidentiality to our client throughout the whole process, guaranteeing a specific solution to their needs respecting a response delay which makes quality control and industrial processes compatible, and thanks to this, we increase profitability in the market of their products and their business competitiveness.

Our staff follows an ongoing training plan updating their knowledge not only on the most innovative analysis and quality control methods but also on the legislation in force in different countries all over the world or for different groups of people such as children, allergic people or intolerant to natural or chemical compounds.