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Quality and
environmental policy

Grupo AMSlab

Service excellence and commitment to environmental sustainability

AMSlab’s commitment to quality and environmental sustainability is non-negotiable. We work according to a continuous improvement approach to achieve excellence in our processes and services with a high degree of awareness and responsibility towards the environment.

Since the group was founded, AMSlab has sought to establish itself as a leading analytical quality control laboratory. For this reason, our services meet the highest quality standards in all the different companies that make up the group.

Compromiso con el medioambiente

Quality certifications

ISO 9001

Quality management systems with AENOR and IQNET certification. CIFGA y XENOTECHS.

ISO 14001

Environmental management systems with AENOR and IQNET certification. CIFGA y XENOTECHS.

ISO 17034

Productions of reference materials, accredited by ENAC (technical annexe). CIFGA.

Environmental management system

Política de calidad y medioambiente

The AMSlab Group is committed to respecting the environment and has implemented its own environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.


We are continuously seeking to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, improve the management of the waste we generate and reduce pollution.


We also promote the rational use of resources and encourage our suppliers to adhere to good environmental practices.

Our environmental management system sets out the processes for identifying and assessing the ways in which the environment may be affected by our activities, regularly monitoring our impact and evaluating potential ways to minimise that impact.

As a result of these efforts, we have identified areas where our activities can have a significant impact, such as fuel consumption, the generation of special biological waste and the generation of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

AMSlab clientes

Our environmental objectives for 2023

In 2022 we began monitoring the impacts and recording the consumption and waste generated by our business activities. This way, we were able to establish values for performance indicators that will, in turn, allow us to evaluate our environmental performance.

The AMSlab Group is firmly committed to protecting and conserving the natural environment, a commitment that we will continue to maintain and build on in order to achieve a more sustainable world.

After analysing the values recorded in 2022, we have set ourselves the following targets for 2023:

  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Reduce the generation of non-halogenated organic waste.
  • Reduce the generation of contaminated glass.
  • Reduce the generation of special biological waste.
  • Reduce the generation of waste electrical and electronic equipment.