Our added value

AMSvet is our specialized line that adds value to the veterinary care received by both companion animals and livestock production animals.
We offer analytical services combining molecular biology and analytical chemistry techniques as a tool in veterinary diagnosis.

Our experience, technology and accumulated knowledge have positioned us as a reference laboratory in veterinary toxicology.

Cases of poisoning and intoxication of pets, production animals or wildlife are becoming more and more frequent, either accidentally or intentionally. That is why AMSvet has a specialized veterinary toxicology service through which we detect and identify toxic compounds in animal samples and baits suspected of being used in poisonings.

Depending on whether there are indications of the use of a toxicant or family of toxicants, either through the symptomatology of the live animal or through evidence collected in the necropsy of the dead animal, we can approach the toxicological analysis from two different perspectives:

  • Screening type: General screening analysis of a list of toxicants when there is no specific suspicion.
  • Target type: Particular analysis of a toxicant or family of toxicants when there is a clear suspicion.
What are the most frequently used poisons?

Rodenticides, used in rodent control and commonly called “rat poison”, molluscicides, used in the control of snails and slugs and pesticides such as organophosphates, organochlorines or carbamates, used in the control of insects and another series of substances that although they are common for human consumption are toxic for animals, such as chocolate or paracetamol.
At AMSvet we offer solutions, proximity, experience and confidence. We offer personalized services tailored to your needs, quick response, flexibility and reliable results.

Our added value

At AMSvet we combine the most cutting-edge techniques in molecular and genetic biology which supplement the applied chemical techniques in order to provide the most comprehensive services in compounds identification and  veterinary diagnosis.

At AMSvet we offer something else than an analy¬tical result. We offer solutions, closeness and experience. We offer confidence. Customised services conforming your needs, rapid response, flexibility and reliability of results.


Clinical analysis
Biochemical, hematology and microbiology tests for the diagnosis of animal pathologies.
Detection and identification of pathogens
Detection of viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi through molecular biology techniques.
Toxicological analysis
Detection, identification and quantification of toxins in cases of intoxication and/or poisoning of animals.

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